Andalusian, Linked To The Ifa Group And Saving 80 Euros Per Month

Andalusian, Linked To The Ifa Group And Saving 80 Euros Per Month

In the midst of a wave of the boom in food prices , caused by the continuous increase in the cost of electricity, saving when filling the shopping basket is more than vital. Therefore, it is essential to know which supermarkets are the cheapest in each region. A list where one of regional character and with more than 60 years of history stands out above all .

Dani has long been the cheapest food establishment in Spain . A chain of which there is possibly not much knowledge outside its range of action, Eastern Andalusia , but which always leads the lists of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) of savings in supermarkets.

With prices that allow spending around 80 euros less per month, compared to the national average, and about 970 euros less per year , according to the aforementioned institution, its appeal is such that it has always opted for these quality products but at a very high cost. reduced. Key to this is the association with the IFA Group , who sells many items in the 18 stores distributed throughout southern Spain.

Where to find Dani’s stores?
With a greater presence in Granada , where the first center was opened in 1959 under the name of Comestibles Dani, it also has locations in Malaga, Almería and Jaén . However, it is the Nasrid region that centers the range of its activity with 14 stores (Motril, Guadix, La Zubia, Armilla, La Chana and the locations of the capital of Avenida América, Avenida Dilar, Arabial, Melchor Almagro, Pedro Antonio Alarcón, Plaza de Toros, Almanjayar and two hypermarkets, in Zaidin and Armilla).

The savings of Dani’s products are very considerable compared to those of other cheap brands
Regarding the products, beyond those mentioned by the IFA Group, their prices stand out in a saving of around 60 cents over the products of Alcampo , the cheapest chain in terms of Spain in general. In addition, Dani has a section on its portal for news , which includes an infinity of offers as well as others specialized in electrical appliances, bazaar and home and, of course, food.

“Your supermarket of a lifetime”, details the slogan of the chain to close that bet for the cheap but also for the close . An area that has 62 years of life, and a long tradition of responsible trade that allows consumers to save hundreds of euros annually with the importance that this represents in the midst of a situation as economically unstable as that caused by the covid-19 .

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