Advance Soluciones Grows 20% Due To Digitization Of Companies Due To Covid-19

Advance Soluciones Grows 20% Due To Digitization Of Companies Due To Covid-19

The company, specialized in tools to optimize the management of all the company’s operational areas, has increased its turnover by 20% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of companies due to the need to work remotely. Advance Soluciones has taken the opportunity to reposition itself, enhance its products and diversify the sectors in which it works.

This strategy has resulted in 20 new clients, up to a total of 160, a reinforcement of the workforce to 22 workers and a 20% increase in the turnover registered in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year. , a year in which the turnover reached 1.25 million euros, almost 10% more.

“These figures are the fruit of the work and investment we made in 2020,” says David Forniés, Managing Director of Advance Soluciones, who adds that “it has been a peculiar year, but it has served us to show us that our matrix and Internal management works, with a very high individual commitment and a very positive attitude of the staff, who by switching to teleworking have maintained the level of quality and efficiency of a normal scenario “.

At an operational level, circumstances have driven the development of collaborative work tools. “We have proven that it is possible to reduce the presence for project management without losing efficiency, which has positive consequences in saving time and money. But we do not renounce it either, since there are jobs that need to be done in person, in addition to that the treatment and contact with the client is important “, adds Forniés.

Although Advance Soluciones was born in the ecosystem of companies of the Zoilo Ríos Group and forged its origins in the service stations thanks to Dyngas -its specialized software in the management of gas stations-, the last year has also been a boost to its objective of diversifying the areas of implementation of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning in English, that is, a planning system that allows integrating business operations).

“Our expansion, which until now had come from the hand of service stations, is being balanced with sectors such as multi-energy, thanks to the promotion of sustainable mobility and the electrification of the vehicle fleet, industry, logistics or activity agro-livestock “, says the managing director.

The evolution of Advance Soluciones during the pandemic has gone hand in hand with the leap towards the digitalization of customers, which has helped to enhance their business opportunities in the midst of the health crisis and has facilitated the daily management of their companies in a context of not face-to-face.

“Most had digitization as a line of improvement pending to be addressed and the pandemic has anticipated that process, it has opened their eyes to the advantages it brings in terms of efficiency and has pushed them to do it now, because it is the only way to share material resources remotely, “he says.

Advance Soluciones implements the ERP Microsoft Business Central 365 (Navision) as a central pivot and providing complementary technologies such as data analysis solutions. “This digitization also allows human resources to add much more value with their work, since they have more time to optimize other tasks or areas of the business. In recent months, companies have obtained a very short-term return that has demonstrated, with concrete figures, that investment in digitization is profitable, “he says.

In 2020, Advance Soluciones became a strategic ally of its clients. “At the beginning of the pandemic, they were invaded by concern and uncertainty, which is why they first demanded the implementation of collaborative work platforms to be able to continue their activity remotely, due to the confinement,” explains Forniés.

“Afterwards, we were asked for ideas to enhance distance communication with customers and we developed web platforms for B2B commerce so that they could channel orders for products and services, as well as proactive communication tools that would facilitate the automation of a business. two-way communication, “he adds.

These developments include, for example, connecting customer orders with the ERP to know product requests, order status or delivery times, which also helps to plan production, as well as minimizing dependence on products. Administration departments, since clients can provide documentation, download it or automate billing as a closed process.

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