Four Electrodomésticos To Cook And Save On The Electricity Bill

Home appliances, lighting and the kitchen are the main sources of energy consumption in a house. Specifically, according to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy, 55% of the total consumption of a home is household appliances. In addition, to that amount by the way, we must add the 9% of consumption that the kitchen supposes. Which makes this room of the house a place that we must watch to avoid that the electricity bill gives us a significant scare. But how do we do it?

Save energy
It is likely that with the increase in electricity rates in recent months you have already begun to implement all the tips to save on the bill . However, it is not enough. If you really want to save, you should start replacing these devices with newer ones that have a more efficient consumption (as is done with led bulbs ). It is also good to use them in “eco” mode and make sure that they do not remain on standby .

And, there is even the possibility of replacing some of the large appliances that spend the most (such as the oven) with other smaller options that consume less but with which we obtain a similar result or more adapted to our needs. Whether you live alone or with a small family, we propose four appliances that will help you save on your electricity bill while you cook.

1. Iron for induction
Tefal induction griddleTefal induction griddleAmazon

With how quickly induction fires heat up, it is better to use them than to use slower and more energy-efficient appliances. Optimize the resources you have. For that, if you want to cook on the grill, the best thing is an induction grill . It heats up quickly, retains heat and prepares food perfectly , preserving its flavor and without excess oil.

This Tefal griddle is made of cast aluminum so it has excellent heat retention , which together with a thick base with additional heat retention helps us save energy and obtain tender and tasty results in a short time. In addition, the titanium coating gives it non-stick qualities and it is easy to use and clean.

2. Slow cooker
Slow cooking potSlow cooking potAmazon

With its own resistance, you save on electricity by cooking in the most traditional style thanks to its small resistance (210 W) . Recover all the flavor of stews and foods that take hours to be ready and, also, do so while saving energy.

3. Oil-free fryer
The 5.5L model from Cosori.The 5.5L model from Cosori.Amazon

A way to avoid turning on the oven for certain preparations that will help us to significantly reduce the electricity bill in the kitchen. Specifically, this Cosori model that we have selected has a capacity of 5.5 liters, which means that you can prepare a chicken for a family of 4 without turning on the oven. In addition, you also save on oil and gain health. And you will even clean less! Since it is much easier to clean after each preparation and, as it does not use oil, it is less cumbersome.

Chicken wings, potatoes, onion rings, any type of vegetable … the preparations are practically unlimited, preserving the flavor and achieving a crunchy texture.

4. The ultimate solution: kitchen robot
Cecotec Mambo 10070Cecotec Mambo 10070Amazon

But if you really want to save electricity, wash less and prepare healthier food faster, what you need is a food processor. A Thermomix or, in order not to invest so much and get good results, you have this option from Cecotec: the Mambo 10070, a kitchen robot with 30 functions: chop, chop, blend, grind, sauté, grind, pulverize, grate, reheat, whisk , yogurt maker, assemble, emulsify, mix, cook, stir, steam cook, poach, confit, knead, cook at low temperature, boil, keep warm, ferment, SlowMambo, cook with precision grade by grade, cook in a bain-marie, cooking slow, zero speed and has a turbo function.

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