Aitana Moves Into Her New Home With Miguel Bernardeau

Aitana Moves Into Her New Home With Miguel Bernardeau

Aitana Ocaña already lives in her new home , the 270-square-meter villa that she acquired in the summer of last year for 750,000 euros and which she has been renovating until now . The singer has moved to the house, located in the Madrid neighborhood of Dehesa de la Villa, along with her partner, the actor Miguel Bernardeau, with whom she has already celebrated two years of relationship, according to Semana magazine .

The author of 11 reasons has come to the residence on several occasions to check the progress of the renovation of her home, the last in mid-June. Then everything indicated that the move was getting closer and closer because, despite the fact that the entrance could be full of rubble, her boyfriend was carrying a box and there were rumors that it was beginning to be furnished.

Now, about a year after taking over the house, a construction from the 70s, and finishing the remodeling, marked mainly by the transformation of the top floor into a beautiful terrace covered with a bamboo ‘wall’ and in the exchange of the windows, you can already say that you have made the townhouse completely yours.

The singer, on the other hand, has also wanted to preserve part of the charm that attracted her to the residence, that is why she has taken care to preserve some plants that populated the huge back garden and the ivy that climbed up the facade from the front patio, which that gives a fancy touch to the home.

The location of the house , in addition, is another important factor for Aitana to decide to buy it, since it is very close to the house of her mother-in-law, the actress Ana Duato . To acquire it, the singer took advantage of her great professional moment, with her recently released collaboration with Adrián Mármol for Tu foto del DNI , the great success of her first album, Spoiler , and her collaboration on television programs such as La Voz Kids , and requested a mortgage. of 600,000 euros.

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