Imbric and ElParking stand up to Uber and Cabify and launch fixed taxi rates

Imbric and ElParking stand up to Uber and Cabify and launch fixed taxi rates

Imbric and ElParking want to stand up to Uber, Cabify and Bolt. Both companies have partnered to launch closed taxi rates in Barcelona and maximum rates in Madrid during the month of October at half the price. This new step in the association of the two companies is framed within the strategic plan that has been developed to adapt the mobility offer and, specifically, the taxi offer, existing in cities to private users, increasing efficiency in travel and saving time, money and CO2 emissions.

The next step for these two companies will be to be able to offer the same conditions in the rest of the Spanish territory for the remainder of the year. In this sense, from Imbric you can book a taxi at a specific time or immediately in more than 200 cities nationwide without the need to change the app. This gesture represents a breakthrough in multi-mobility, which is increasingly on the rise in the sector.

As a launch offer, both companies have decided to launch the EP 50 rate, with discounts of up to half the price that is already available for the more than two million ElParking users who link their account with Imbric and can request Imbric’s taxi services at half the price.

The union of these two companies made it possible to bring together the services for drivers that ElParking already had in its portfolio -access and payment in parking lots, ITVs, electronic toll collection, gasoline refueling, electric charging, consultation of license points and unnotified fines- and Imbric’s multimodal mobility platform, with wide coverage in a highly competitive market such as public mobility, with taxis and buses from the main Spanish cities.

“We intend to provide service before September in more than 200 Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Valencia, San Sebastián or Burgos”, confirmed from the mobility company at the time the union of both companies was launched.

Recovery of mobility

Urban mobility was the first to begin to recover after the Covid-19 hit and at the beginning of summer it already exceeded the levels it harvested on the same dates in 2019, just before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Both taxis and VTC are experiencing the take-off of the sector and taking advantage of the reduction in the use of public transport in recent months. So much so that, with the arrival of summer, the companies operating in this sector surpassed the 2019 data and new players landed in the big cities. This is the case of Bolt, who arrived in Madrid only a few months ago and forced the rest of the platforms operating in this market to react.

At the same time, multi-mobility platforms which integrate all types of transport – are gaining momentum due to the need to make movements in cities more sustainable.

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