We Can Demand That PSOE Dismiss Carmona From The Game Due To His Signing Indecency

We Can Demand That PSOE Dismiss Carmona From The Game Due To His Signing Indecency

We can demand that the PSOE dismiss Carmona from the game due to the “indecency” of his signing by Iberdrola.

The president of the United We Can parliamentary group, Jaume Asens, has assured that the PSOE should kick Antonio Miguel Carmona out of the party due to the “indecency” of his imminent signing as vice president of Iberdrola Spain and has claimed to be stricter in regulation to ban revolving doors.

In statements to RTVE , collected by Europa Press , the also leader of En Comú Podem has pointed out that within the PSOE the Carmona case has not sat well either and has cited the opinion expressed on Twitter by the deputy Odón Elorza, who thought that it was an “improper” decision for a socialist.

“The coherent thing would be to throw him out of the party or to leave,” Asens has launched to censure that this incorporation occurs “in the midst of the war for the price of electricity and the offensive of electricity” to the Government.

He has also been of the opinion that the regulation of the so-called revolving doors can be stricter and that they should be “banned” to allow politicians who do not have powers in the energy sector to later go to boards of directors. And it is that he has pointed out that these movements reveal the “politicization” acquired by the boards of directors of these companies.

Regarding the journalistic information on the so-called ‘pandora’s papers’, the deputy has regretted that this type of fiscal irregularities “feed the pessimism of the citizenship” when seeing that some great fortunes “do not respect the legality”. “Society needs everyone to comply with the law,” he emphasized.

As for the negotiations on the General State Budgets (PGE), Asens believes that they are “getting closer” but there are “a few weeks” left, to emphasize that the main factor hindering the negotiations now lies in the housing law , on which there is still no agreement.

It has revealed that the increase in corporate tax to 15% for large companies there is a “greater approach” and the problems are becoming “less”.

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