Digitization Of The Profession Allows Connecting Teachers And Students

Digitization Of The Profession Allows Connecting Teachers And Students

A year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the 2021 edition of World Teachers’ Day, celebrated annually on October 5 since 1994, emphasizes the support that must be provided to teachers to participate fully in the recovery process. The theme of the Day will be “Teachers at the center of the recovery of education”. That is why italki, a global language learning platform, brings together the testimonies of some of its teachers to talk about how the digitization of the profession allows us to connect with students from all over the world in the midst of a pandemic.

The e-Learning sector experienced tremendous growth since last year due to the impact of COVID-19, which changed the way classes were delivered around the world. Fortunately, technological advances allowed thousands of teachers to continue working from the safety of their homes and in some cases even increased their job openings. According to a study by the University of Navarra , online training courses have grown by 900% in recent months .

In this context, online teaching has become more relevant since it allows continuing with distance education. Some of the emerging trends in learning have the potential to augment the traditional path of education. In fact, the results of this new teaching methodology, based on the student, are overwhelming: according to data from the City University of New York, 19 hours of study of a language in italki is equivalent to a full university semester .

The main changes that this model has introduced are the democratization of access to language learning thanks to the use of technology. In other words, people of any age and with any budget can access to learn a language thanks to the use of the internet. On the other hand, the platform does not require subscriptions and the price of the classes is adapted to the possibilities of each user, there are classes from 1 euro .

In addition, the personalized class system focuses on the needs and capacities of each student, exponentially increasing the achievement of results, just the opposite of the traditional system where all students must follow the same pace, regardless of their individual difficulties. Bergur, Danish and Faroese teacher at italki: Now that I’ve been teaching for a while, I’m finding new reasons to teach on italki. It is a unique experience. Thousands and thousands of people who are willing to learn, teach and communicate. In addition, during the pandemic, it allows people with social anxiety disorder to study safely, from the comfort of their homes .

For many students, the lesson is the most important thing in their week. That is why, as a teacher, I make an effort to evaluate the student individually and to plan the lesson based on the particular needs of that student. For me, teaching is the highest level of learning. As long as I am learning, I will be living.

Laura, English teacher at italki and language influencer on YouTube: Studying online allows great flexibility and is very convenient for those with busy schedules and lives. Some people can only have one hour a week and don’t want to spend 30 minutes just traveling to an academy.

This way you save time and money. Additionally, italki’s student-centered approach enables students to get the most bang for their buck; A one-on-one class allows the teacher to adapt to particular needs, goals, and learning styles. But it also provides teachers with a wide range of students. My classes are always very different.

I finish a class with a three-year-old child in which we do nursery rhymes, songs, games or stories and then the next class I will teach with a professional from the business world, in which we will represent a job interview. The main characteristic of italki teachers is the quality and variety according to the objectives of each user. Classes are personalized and taught hand in hand by certified native teachers, who are then reviewed by their students, thus creating a community based on safety, quality and transparency.

In this way, italki allows teachers to put themselves at the center of the recovery of education and be the protagonists of the development of flexible learning modalities. On italki you can learn more than 150 languages. The platform teaches beyond textbooks and immerses students in the idioms and culture of the language in real-life settings and conversations.

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