The Opposition Criticize That Teachers In Venezuela Are Leaving Their Jobs Due To Poor Working Conditions

The Opposition Criticize That Teachers In Venezuela Are Leaving Their Jobs Due To Poor Working Conditions

Venezuelan opponent Miguel Pizarro denounced this Tuesday that his country’s teachers are deserting their jobs in Venezuela due to poor working conditions, including low wages, and failures in public services, including ground transportation.

“The social, political and economic crisis; evidenced, among other things, in low salaries, lack of social security, poor public services and hyperinflation they have led teachers to drop out of their work as teachers, “he said in a message on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, on his Twitter.

He pointed out that, according to the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (FVM), already before the coronavirus pandemic, 40% of teachers had abandoned their work “to leave the country or dedicate themselves to other trades to survive.”

“Teachers deserve respect, recognition, dignity, tribute. They are pride , development and future. Today, World Teachers’ Day, we reaffirm our support and raise our voice, once again, for them and for the respect of their rights ”, he added.

Workers in the education and health sector have been the protagonists of dozens of protests in recent years to denounce the lack of guarantees and conditions to continue carrying out their work.

The teachers, specifically, also complain that school infrastructures are affected by failures in the water and electricity services and, recently, have indicated that there are no conditions to resume face-to-face classes, after more than a year suspended due to the covid-19.

Although they consider it necessary to return students to schools, they denounce that there are not adequate measures in place to avoid contagion of covid-19 that already reaches 374,859.

In mid-September, the teaching union in Venezuela protested in the center of Caracas to reject the resumption of face-to-face classes and demand a “serious and responsible” pronouncement on the number of vaccinated educators and the status of the schools throughout the country.

During the concentration, on the outskirts of the Ministry of Education, active and retired teachers raised the impossibility of returning to the classrooms, as ordered by the country’s dictatorship, due to the salary conditions of the union and that biosecurity in the schools is not guaranteed. Venezuelan schools.

The president of the Capital District Teachers Union, Edgar Machado, told Efe that he questions the figures offered by the Minister of Education, Yelitza Santaella, who assured this Wednesday that only 14% of teachers and administrative and worker personnel remain to be vaccinated. of the Venezuelan educational system.

Machado assured that, according to data from the educational union, the number of vaccinated is “well below” that announced by Minister Santaella.

The union leader said that there is no data on the number of teachers who will attend the call to join the classrooms for fear of the low level of vaccination and the lack of minimum resources to guarantee hygiene, such as water or masks.

During the protest, the leader of the Federation of Teachers of Venezuela and national coordinator of the Democratic Unit of the Education Sector, Raquel Figueroa, recalled that “the Magisterium continues with a pulverized salary “.

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