How ‘The Squid Game’ Warned You Of The Deaths Of The Characters

How ‘The Squid Game’ Warned You Of The Deaths Of The Characters

In a few days it will be just a month since Netflix added The Squid Game to its catalog, without anyone expecting then the formidable success that this Korean fiction would end up receiving among its subscribers.

The series developed by Hwang Dong-hyuk tells how a group of people of low social extraction risk their lives in a mysterious survival contest that bases each of its tests on children’s games, and is marked by both an intense rhythm and a succession of turns each more shocking. Perhaps the greatest of all is the last one, which serves as the end of the series and which greatly moved viewers, but of course, each of the long-suffering players’ deaths deserve a separate mention.

These are marked by the surprise and tragic air of The Squid Game, but as the series has added viewers or some of them decided to submit it to review, it has become clear that these deaths were not as surprising as they seemed.

Or, at least, it could not be said that the series had not warned of them. Digital Spy assures in a recent article that some of these casualties were not accidental in any way, but were carefully “prophesied” in previous episodes of the series. Wow, before the contestants died, The Squid Game introduced clues of what this death would be like, confirming that there is nothing randomly placed in the Netflix series.

One of the deaths that have most traumatized viewers happens in the sixth episode, and has Ali ( Anupam Tripathi ) as the protagonist. Player 199 is eliminated by Sang-Woo ( Park Hae-Soon ) who betrays him when he gives him a fake bag of marbles, full of stones.

Shortly after Ali discovers that they have given him the change, he is fired by the supervisors of the contest, but the fact is that the series already warned that this could happen: in the second episode of The Squid Game, Ali stole an envelope from his boss as the salary demanded: an envelope that was full of money and not stones, but in front of which the subsequent death establishes a kind of poetic relationship.

Another shocking death is that of the gangster Deok-su, played by Heo Sung-tae . Players then have 16 minutes to cross a bridge, and this test ends with the character falling embraced together with Min-nyeo ( Kimg Joo-Ryung ). It is not the first time that we have seen Deok-su fall from a bridge, but previously this had not had fatal consequences: in the second episode we had seen him voluntarily jump from one, just after discovering that he had been set up.

The North Korean defector played by Jung Hoyeon lies in pain in front of a knife, with crystals nailed all over her body, when the aforementioned Sang-woo (an expert in foul play) ends up slicing her neck with the aforementioned weapon. The murder forges a parallel with an earlier scene, corresponding to when Sae-byeok won a first game after threatening a man with a knife to the throat.

Finally, the blissful Sang-woo tries to commit suicide twice throughout The Squid Game . In the first a providential blow prevents him, but in the second the gangster realizes that he has nothing left to live for and dies in the rain.

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