Spain Offers Itself As An Audiovisual Setting To Production Companies

Spain Offers Itself As An Audiovisual Setting To Production Companies

For many territories, being chosen the setting for a movie, a television series or a video clip means joining an economic engine that moves from technicians, accommodation or transport companies and becoming a tourist destination.

Boosting all the potential that our country offers, which the President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez, defined in July before officials of giants such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Sony or Disney, as “the prefect filming scene” is the objective of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will gather during the next days 21 and 22 in Valladolid some of the main scouts of filming locations and the Spanish destinations that are nominated as locations for film, television, advertising, music, video game productions, etc.

Business platform
The philosophy of Shooting Locations Marketplace is to offer the agents involved in the development of audiovisual projects “a commercial and business platform, a workplace that contributes to the promotion of Spain as a shooting destination and to the strengthening of this industry that live a moment of growth and expansion.

A recruitment market with an international vocation and that will have the participation of representatives from ten countries. The United Kingdom, Portugal and Brussels will be present through their respective Film Commissions and 65 percent of the registered localizers come from the United States, Great Britain, Romania, Germany, Canada, Italy and Malta.

They are professionals with extensive experience, who work for large productions of studios and platforms such as Marvel, HBO, Palma Pictures, Netflix, Mediapro, Globomedia, Baelsberg, Franco Films, 22Locations, among others.

Becky Brake, Lori Balton, James Lin, Robert Boake, Leann Emmert, Valerio Marelo, Tate Aráez, Jaume Jordana, Eduardo Rodrigálvarez, Dow Griffith and John Rakich, president of the Locations Manager Guild International, are some of the locators who will hold interviews with I work with the participating destinations.

In the trajectory of these professionals there are great titles of films and television series such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, Game of Thrones, La casa de papel, The Bourne myth, Argo, Gran Hotel Budapest, Black Mirror, Wonder Woman 84, New Amsterdam, etc.

Collaborative work
“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I can’t imagine a more rewarding job. It’s collaborative and always different”, that’s how Lori Balton defines her work as a locator of scenes for all kinds of filming. His most recent work includes Top Gun: Maverick, projects with Aaron Sorkin for Amazon and Damien Chazelle for Paramount, a series with HBO ?? ”

“In Shooting Locations Marketplace I hope to discover both new scenarios and service companies for production, because the shooting plan requires prior research on logistical issues such as permits, accommodation, transportation, auxiliary companies, etc.”.

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