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The 2020 Major League Baseball season is steadily approaching, and in a way, it almost seems surreal. There were certainly times when it felt like we weren’t going to have a season due to the months-long COVID-19 shutdown. 
The season will go on, though, and now you’ll find the CBS Sports baseball staff predictions below for the order of division finishes, postseason and the individual awards. 
Yes, there were some consensus picks for the 60-game sprint, though we submitted picks blindly. Everyone has the Yankees taking the AL East and actually we all have the exact same order in the division. Given how much things are mixed in the NL East and NL Central, I can safely say we all agree those are both four-team races that will be fun. It might seem boring to all pick the Dodgers to win the NL West, but it’s hard to see a scenario where they don’t win it. 
And on and on we go. There are some chalk picks and some “let’s get crazy” picks. 
The biggest message here is this is all in good fun. We’re gonna hit a lot and we’re gonna miss a good number. It happens. The unpredictability for the most part is what makes baseball great.
Let’s get to it!
American League East Predictions
American League Central Predictions
American League West Predictions
National League East Predictions
National League West Predictions

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