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Destiny 2
Well I was expecting nothing of note to happen in Destiny 2 this week, and I am not surprised to see that pan out almost exactly how I foresaw.
While I was hoping that maybe wed get another phase of the Evacuation quest, everything Im seeing points to that being pushed all the way to September for the next step. I think it was supposed to end right before Beyond Light, but now that thats delayed into Novembermaybe we have even more time to wait. Since these are the planets that are going, I assume that there is going to be some sort of in-game thing that happens to nuke those zones. But whatever was going to happen has to be pushed back now, so Im not sure if there will be any more intermediate steps before the end or not.
The one new thing happening this week is that Grandmaster Nightfalls are live, now for the first time with an upgraded loot pool in order to encourage people to actually do them. Here are the changes from last weeks TWAB in case you forgot:
Increase Masterwork material drops for Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty.

  • Grandmaster completion at Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels now have higher chances of dropping an Exotic armor item.
  • Grandmaster completion at Platinum level now guarantees one Ascendant Shard (with a small chance at one additional), and four Enhancement Prisms (with a moderate chance at 1-2 additional).
  • Grandmaster completion at Gold level now guarantees two Enhancement Prisms (with a moderate chance at two additional).
  • Grandmaster completion at Silver level now has a small chance at two Enhancement Prisms.

So I mean, whatever. I still dont think this is worth it to farm. I am currently watching Gladd and company run The Corrupted on Grandmaster, which is already one of my least favorite Nightfalls to run, and it does not look fun. But now this season theres not even a reason to run these if you already got the title, so its loot and the triumph and nothing else, more or less. I still dont love Grandmasters in general, as to me theyre everything whats wrong about the current difficulty/meta/PvE champion system. But whatever, theyre not hurting anyone I guess.
Destiny 2
The only story developments this week is a new ending with Eris for the Interference quest, where this weeks word is YES. The lore itself that comes with the word is not particularly illuminating, and Eris big takeaway is that the Darkness is encouraging us to continue on our present course which ismildly disturbing, but Eris doesnt seem to mind, as ever.
I am now on Tree of Silver Wings watch every week as we witness it birth a dark mini Traveler or whatever its doing. I am honestly not sure if the orb has gotten bigger. Compared to last week, I think it may look a little taller, but Im not sure, it could just be the angle.
Anyway, slow week, my advice is to go play Ghost of Tsushima.
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