Washington makes historic hire as Julie Donaldson takes over media operations – The Athletic

As a sports reporter, Julie Donaldson talks for a living. Before embarking on a new career path, the former NBC Sports Washington reporter made sure her new NFL employers understood she wasn’t coming aboard to be quiet.Washington announced Tuesday that Donaldson would join its ranks as Senior Vice President of Media. With that executive title, Donaldson will oversee the entire broadcast operation in the organization and become a permanent member of the gameday radio broadcast – though she will not be assuming the team’s play-by-play duties. She is, though, taking the executive position of the man who did, Washington’s longtime radio play-by-play voice and content impresario Larry Michael. Donaldson will also helm the team’s in-house creative content.
“Gameday is going to be a lot of fun,” Donaldson told The Athletic. “It’s going to be different. The shows will look different. I’m not Larry Michael. I’m…

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