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Two world cup qualifiers confirmed to have been scammed of over $100,000 after a corrupt org disappears with their bag… Its just the beginning of a much longer rabbit hole
XXM and XMende are two Fortnite players that may have passed your eyes just once or twice in your entire life. Why? They were the only two Chinese players to qualify for the Duo World Cup finals and the LAN event is probably the only chance youve ever had to see them
But to adequately display the injustice that is happening to these players, we need to take a step back and discuss the shambles that was, and is, Chinese competitive Fortnite
While the current state of Chinese competitive Fortnite can be described as shambles, it wasnt always that way. To qualify for events in China, players on the mainland were region locked and forced to compete sectioned off from the entire world
The World Cup was simply the first, and only event Fortnite hosted on the global scale that China had a guaranteed presence in. With a $30,000,000 prize pool dedicated for one weekend, this gave players and investors alike ample incentive
Chinas route to the World Cup was completely different than how the rest of the world competed. After multiple online rounds, a Chinese mainland LAN was held where the top duo and solo won a ticket to New York City
While XXM and XMende didnt place as the top duo in China, they flew out to Japan and stole a spot from the Asia region in Week 5. Both secured $50,000 after a lackluster World Cup performance
I will add that its not completely their fault. The version of competitive Fortnite in China is completely different than the stacked endgame/rotating meta we are accustomed to. Note: although Chinese Fortnite didnt include key mechanics such as moving zone, competitors played in the international version for tournaments. Also, for many weeks leading up to the World Cup, players bootcamped outside of china (mainly Japan and Korea)
After the World Cup proved China was miles behind everyone else alongside Epics inability to continue feeding the dimly lit flame, investors dropped like flies. Ill spare the rest of the details but you can watch Rhidaxs all encompassing mini-doc for the aftermath
Fast forward to today as new information regarding the two Chinese duo qualifiers saw the light of day. Rhidax, a source close to the Chinese competitive scene, announced that one of Chinas biggest Fortnite teams (Newbee) at the time exit scammed their players
Current @newbeecn Fortnite Situation:
The org has been accused of matchfixing in the CDA (DOTA 2), leading to their essential disbanding.
Newbee trapped their players in contracts and stole all Fortnite prize money since WC, including 2 world cup qualifiers. ($100,000+ stolen)
— Rhidax (@rhidax_) July 21, 2020
Neither of them competed in any events after the World Cup finals, cementing the theory that Newbees hostaging of their rightfully earned funds pushed them to quit
A source close to XXM and XMende noted a bleak outlook. Theres not much to make, WenQian said, referring to the notion of covering the injustice. Theyre already gone as if I would get my money back, he ended with
WenQian himself played on Newbee alongside the duo qualifiers and was also shorted out of $10,000 from non-World Cup related events
While the entire Chinese Fortnite scene was riddled with leeches that left once the water dried – the potential was undoubtedly there. And while this specific injustice will probably never get rectified due to the complex foreign legal system, there is something to be learned here:
Do your due diligence when signing any contracts. Organizations are looking to profit just as much as you are – and some will not play at the same moral level that you do. In this case, two players had to learn the hard way after signing into this problem to begin with
If youre an aspiring Fortnite player, dont feel as though signing to a team is the pinnacle of your career. In fact, it could be to your detriment more often than you think. Focus on becoming a great player and putting out even greater content and the rest will follow
Learn from others mistakes. Thats why Im telling you this story
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