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Ice-T is known to be a big gamer, but he’s only appeared in a few games himself. One of his most iconic appearances is in the Def Jam series, appearing in Def Jam: Fight For NY and its PSP spin-off Fight for NY: The Takeover. The Def Jam fighting series was beloved, and many people have called for its returning–and now Ice-T has joined their ranks.
Ice-T has tweeted out a photo of himself in-game, and said that he thinks that “they really need to reboot this game for the new consoles.” With the PS5 and Xbox Series X on the way, we can’t help but agree.
Whether or not this eventuates–or if Ice-T’s tweet catches the attention of anyone in a position to get the ball rolling–remains to be seen, but Fight for NY was a pretty great game.
The mainline Def Jam fighting series included three games: Def Jam Vendetta, Fight For NY, and Icon. The third game switched developers and did not review as well, and the series never came back. There’s also Def Jam Rapstar, which is a singing game.
These games were published by EA, a company that has recently started work on Skate 4, another long-awaited series revival.
Ice-T’s latest video game appearance was as BALEX, an AI trapped in a teddy bear, in Borderlands 3.

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