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CINCINNATI —New information about who could get a COVID-19 vaccine first and what your address might have to do with it emerges as a promising vaccine being studied at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital moves into the final phases.
The Pfizer vaccine study is now moving into phase three after it was found to be safe and the dosage was determined.
The early stages of testing also showed the Pfizer vaccine produced an immune response that was at least as good as those who got COVID naturally.
And it looks like the people who got the vaccine had a little stronger immune response than people who had the natural infection, said the researcher heading up the study for Childrens Dr. Robert Frenck.
Frenck said theyre still looking for about 500 to 1000 volunteers to take part in phase three of the study, but they want to include as many people who want to take part locally.
Looking ahead, Frenck said if all goes as planned with the Pfizer study mass vaccinations likely wouldnt begin until next year. However, Frenck believes there will be huge numbers of people who are considered to be high risk that could get it much sooner.
Front line health care workers like doctors, nurses and firefighters could be considered high risk but it could also be determined by address.
The CDC is looking at places where there are outbreaks or hot spots, if you will, and would deploy vaccines to those areas to try to quell the outbreak, Frenck said. You can see by ZIP code where people are going to doctors and so forth. By that, they can get an idea of where outbreaks are and they can start looking in the areas for hot spots.
Last month in a lab just across the street from Childrens Hospital, the Moderna study moved into phase three testing at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.
Both studies are recruiting volunteers.
For information on the UC Moderna study, click here or call 513-245-3417. For more information on the Children’s Pfizer study, email or call 513-636-7699.

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