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  • Google Plus users can file claims in a class-action lawsuit over the social networks privacy flaws.
  • You have until October 8 to make a choice if you qualify.
  • Dont expect more than a $12 payout.

Google Plus may have met an ignominious end due in part to privacy flaws, but you can get some money for your trouble.
Many Google Plus users have been told they can file a settlement claim (via 9to5Google) in a class-action lawsuit over the flaws, which let any developer obtain sensitive data from user profiles. Google was allegedly aware of the issue months before alerting the public, although there doesnt appear to have been misuse.
Youll qualify if youre a US resident who had a personal Google Plus account at any point between January 1, 2015 and the services shutdown on April 2, 2019. While the claims are officially limited to people whose data was exposed, that effectively covers all users due to the nature of the bugs.
You have until October 8 to make a claim, opt out entirely, or raise an objection over the terms of the settlement.
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Like with many class-action cases, you shouldnt expect a large payout relative to the damage done. The $7.5 million settlement will only pay a maximum of $12 per person, and then only for roughly 450,000 people. The per-person amount will decrease if more people file claims. Its more a symbolic payout than practical compensation.
This isnt likely what you were looking for if Google Plus privacy issues created genuine stress, even though there was no direct damage. It also wont affect business users, who moved on to a G Suite version and eventually Google Currents. It does provide some closure to the social media saga, though, and it serves as a reminder that Googles privacy issues can have long-term consequences.
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