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Aaron Rodgers put in some impressive displays last year as the Green Bay Packers made the NFC Division playoffs. However, the two-time NFL MVP award winner failed to lead his team to the Super Bowl as San Francisco 49ers were crowned NFC champions. This was the fourth-straight below-par performance from Rodgers in the Championship game as the Packers lost by a 37-20 scoreline.
Despite that setback, Rodgers had a decent regular season with the Packers. He threw for 4,000+ yards for the second year running with a pass completion rate of 62 and 26 passing TDs. Had things gone differently for A-Rod and the Packers, they could have been in the Super Bowl competing against Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs.
At 36, Rodgers has previously admitted that he hopes to play till he is in his forties just like colleague Tom Brady. However, Mark Murphys organization caused quite a stir when they opted to trade up and draft rookie quarterback Jordan Love earlier this year.
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Outspoken sports analyst Stephen A Smith was not too pleased with how the Packers have treated A-Rod over the years. He made that known in a recent segment of ESPNs Get Up.
You dont think you could have used another receiver? You dont think you could have used another tight end, a running back? Somebody on the defensive side of the ball? This is Aaron Freakin Rodgers.
Im not gonna blame coach Matt LeFleur because hes the coach and he has executives over him that have made this decision but he aint innocent in all of this either. Its bogus, its a bunch of nonsense. I dont give a damn about what we hear from the Green Bay Packers. As far as Im concerned, they should be ashamed of themselves.
This is Aaron RodgersI challenge any football aficionado you can find who can tell me that youre looking at Aaron Rodgers and saying Oh, he only has a year left or two of course, thats not true. Hes got several years left in him but the Green Bay Packers have never taken care of him. Theyve never looked out for him, theyve never buffered him with elevated talent on this roster, Smith said on the show.
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