Yemen: Battles in Lahij, Hajjah and Taiz, leave 39 casualties

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Soldiers loyal to Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi ride at the back of a pick-up truck during a parade in Marib province, east of the capital, Sanaa, on May 25, 2015. Rebel forces and loyalist fighters were locked in fierce fighting in Yemen as hopes of a political solution faded after the United Nations postponed peace talks. AFP PHOTO / STR

(Syria News) Battles between Yemeni regime forces, backed by the Saudi Arabian-led coalition, and Ansar Allah militants have escalated in the province of Lahij, in southern Yemen, and in the provinces of Hajjah and Taiz, Sputnik News reported on Wednesday.

A Yemeni official source informed, “20 soldiers of the current President Abd Rabou Mansour Hady forces were either killed or wounded, in two different attacks on the Houthis headquarters in al-Kahous and al-Rakiza Mounts, in al- Jawaze’a area in Tur al-Baha District.”

Meanwhile, Ansar Allah militants, and the allied militias to the former President, are still advancing into the mountains and areas of al-Qabbaytah and Tur al-Baha Districts, the source added.

The Yemeni Army has announced fully capturing Lahij (al-Jawaze’a) area, while pointed out that its troops are advancing toward al-Korba Mount in the district. However, an official source denied that the army captured the area, and revealed that the regime forces have launched an artillery shelling on the Houthis headquarters.

He also added that Houthis shelled the Yemeni army reinforcements, east of Kahboub area, in al-Mdarba District, leaving casualties.

In Hajjah Province, Yemeni Army announced killing 15 Yemen Houthis, including the leader Abu Ali Zahra, in clashes, southeast of Midi district.

Furthermore, a source in the Ministry of Defense informed the killing of several army forces in clashes in the vicinity of al-Kamaheya Castle, in Midi District, while pointed out that 4 Sudanese soldiers of the Arabian coalition were killed by Houthis fire, north of Midi Desert.

Meanwhile in Taiz, the source explained that Houthis carried out an offensive on the army forces in al-Hameli area, leaving several casualties among the two sides.

It is noteworthy that Yemen Houthis (currently called Ansar Allah) is is a Shia-led religious-political militia emerged in the 90s from al- Sa’dah area, north of Yemen.

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