Agreement In Teruel To Stop The Rise In Water

Agreement In Teruel To Stop The Rise In Water

The Teruel City Council and the company that manages the water supply service to the city have reached an agreement by which the increase in the receipt set in a sentence is reduced from 26 to 2 percent, an increase that will be applied from September 1st.

The mayor of Teruel, Emma Buj, accompanied by the first deputy mayor, Ramón Fuertes, and the councilor for Recruitment, Rocío Féliz de Vargas, explained the details of the agreement on Thursday, the City Council reported in a press release.

Buj recalled that on July 23, 2010 the concession contract for the supply and sewerage service of the city of Teruel was awarded with the only votes in favor of the then PAR-PSOE government team and the abstention of the PP “for not seeing clear the administrative situation of the file “.

It has specified in this regard that three municipal officials voted against the award at the contracting table and the award was decided by the casting vote of the then mayor Miguel Ferrer.

The mayor has indicated that the ruling dictates that the award was based on a statement with non-real water consumption data since the preliminary project started with a consumption of 2,921,135 cubic meters per year, when the real consumption per year was 2,569. 928.

In addition, an annual increase in water consumption of 1.5 percent was expected, when in the three years prior to the concession, consumption had decreased by 4.8 in 2009, 1.8 in 2008 and 3.8 percent , in 2007. As a consequence of all this, the ruling obliges the City Council to approve an extraordinary increase in water of 26 percent.

Buj has said that as a result of a year of “intense negotiation”, the water rate, which has been frozen since 2015, will increase by only two percent from December 1, 2021. Likewise, the fee received by the City Council, which at the beginning of the concession was 750,000 euros, has been set at 227,144 euros.

“This decrease in income can be assumed by the City Council without prejudice to the rest of the services thanks to the healthy economic situation that it has,” said the mayor.

On the other hand, the guarantee of 6,000,000 euros that the company maintained to respond to the execution of the work will be eliminated and the amount of the works will be 4,600,000 euros, plus VAT, of which are executed or in process of execution 2,614,753.15 euros.

Buj has also stated that the claim for the loss of the collection fee for the Autonomous Water Pollution Tax has already been resolved with the corresponding reduction in the fee received by the City Council.

The first deputy mayor, Ramón Fuertes, has stressed that the water contract has always been “a fundamental issue” for Citizens since their arrival at the City Council, which is why he has been “very satisfied” with the solution reached by the government team. .

Fuertes has indicated that, even from the opposition, he has worked to provide a solution to this matter that does not involve an excessive rise in the bill and that guarantees the fulfillment of the works stipulated in the contract.

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