Dehydrated Alfalfa Is Promoted At FIGAN 2021 To Increase Its Consumption In Spain

Dehydrated Alfalfa Is Promoted At FIGAN 2021 To Increase Its Consumption In Spain

Dehydrated alfalfa is promoted at FIGAN 2021 to increase its consumption in Spain. The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Dehydrated Alfalfa (AEFA), will have an information stand at the XV edition of the International Fair for Animal Production (FIGAN), which is held at the Zaragoza Fair this September.

At this stand, located in hall 6-A9, the association will promote alfalfa and the rest of the dehydrated products manufactured by its 58 associated companies in order to promote the consumption of dehydrated forages in Spain.

The stand will in turn serve as a meeting point for associated companies that want to attend the event, as well as providing information on the main characteristics and advantages of this product in animal feed.

As explained from AEFA, forages are an essential food for ruminants since they provide the fiber necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the rumen and the health of the animals.

The dehydration of alfalfa is carried out by mechanical drying at high temperature, this preservation process causes less nutritional losses and gives the final product great homogeneity and stability, in addition to being able to be preserved for long periods of time.

Among the different dehydrated forages produced by AEFA associates, alfalfa accounts for 80% of total production. This forage legume is used primarily to provide high quality protein, macronutrients, micro minerals and vitamins naturally in the cattle ration. In addition, it is an important source of effective fiber much needed for ruminant animals.

The cultivation of alfalfa cultivation from the environmental, social and economic point of view, has multiple advantages such as the conservation of biodiversity and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. It is also important, together with industry, to curb rural depopulation.

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