Morata Claims Role Of The Port Of Valencia To Reindustrialize The Region

Morata Claims Role Of The Port Of Valencia To Reindustrialize The Region

The president of the Valencia Chamber, José Vicente Morata, took advantage of the celebration of the Valencian Economy Night to defend the importance of the port of the capital “to turn Valencia into a logistics and industrial platform in southern Europe, into a hub of four continents “. According to the business representative, this is one of the Chamber’s ambitions for the future and one of its priorities.

“In this objective we are going to continue strengthening our logistics system and betting on the port of Valencia as a key factor in the economic revitalization,” said Morata during his speech. A few words with which the business organization makes clear its position on the rejection of the new terminal in the port of Valencia by Compromís and Podemos, precisely after the Government of Spain has suspended investment in the El Prat airport for the rejection of the Catalan Government and several municipalities.

A few hours before, the Minister of Ecological Transition of Compromís, Mireia Mollà, once again made clear the differences within the Council itself, chaired by Ximo Puig, when she warned that the expansion of the port of Valencia “threatens” against a protected area of ​​the Network Natura 2000 and that no report can support the destruction of these areas.

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, received the welcome to the business event, who has also been against the new terminal despite including the port in the list of great historical references of the city “when we Valencians had a relevant role in the Mediterranean”.

Morata also insisted that to achieve this logistical and industrial boost “the conclusion of the Mediterranean Corridor is also key”, one of the historical demands of Valencian society. Present at the event were, among others, the Vice President and Minister of the Economy, Nadia Calviño, and the President of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The president of the Chamber stressed that the pandemic and its subsequent crisis have put on the table an adjustment of the industry on an international scale before which he pointed out that “we are going to defend the need to address a decisive reindustrialization strategy that avoids dependence on third parties. countries “.

He also referred to this formula as part of the solution to the problems that many Valencian industries are suffering from the escalation of raw materials. “The scarcity of industrial components and the rising cost of raw materials have highlighted the need to relocate production, bringing value chains closer together and recovering industrial activity as part of our business DNA,” he commented. Morata also defended the indispensable role of companies for the progress of society.

Annual Awards
During the Valencian Economy Night, the Chamber’s annual awards were also presented. The companies awarded this year have been Productos Citrosol (Award for Innovation in the company); Jamondul (Award for Internationalization); Valenciana de Molduras Alto Turia (Award for Excellence in the Business Management Model); Novaterra Catering (Award for a Socially Committed Company) and Grupo Ribera (Award for Digital Transformation).

The Portuguese company Sodecia Automotive Valencia, located in Almussafes, received recognition for its contribution to the Valencian economy. Precisely the neighboring country has been the guest of this edition.

In recognition of the business career, the tribute this year has been to Ricardo Martínez Valls, president of the services group Agricultores de la Vega (SAV).

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