Miguel Ángel Nicolás, After The Criticism Of Miguel Frigenti In ‘Secret Story’

Miguel Ángel Nicolás, After The Criticism Of Miguel Frigenti In ‘Secret Story’

This Thursday, Secret Story premiered with 16 contestants , many of whom did not meet until the last minute. One of them was Miguel Frigenti , the Sálvame collaborator who, as he himself said in his presentation video, has many pending accounts .

One of them is with Lucía Pariente , Alba Carrillo’s mother , although she has already arranged things with the young woman in The Last Supper . However, within this war in the past, the journalist brought up his departure from Ya es noon , which he believes was caused by that confrontation and by “disagreements” with Miguel Ángel Nicolás .

Julen and Sandra Pica in ‘Secret Story’.
“I would be the only person who would screw me in ,” Frigenti said about. However, this seems to have surprised the also collaborator of The Ana Rosa program : “I found out yesterday that I am an enemy of Miguel Frigenti.”

“I have never spoken of him, he has provoked me several times in Save me and I have not answered,” he assured. ” There are many things that , due to my position in the program [ It is already noon ], I cannot count and they would clarify many things .”

“They are decisions of the producer that are taken”, has clarified. ” He says that Isabel Rábago and I made life impossible for him . If I feel like it and I feel like it, I’ll tell what happened.”

” If you have to go up to the house, then we’ll see, ” Miguel Ángel Nicolás has dropped. “He made a very long list of names, and I have never talked about him, and he has looked for me.”

Later, the journalist has also appeared in Ya es noon , where he directs Fresh , the section of the heart, and at the beginning he has let it fall that these criticisms he has received from Frigenti could have a hidden background.

” Disgust is very bad in life, ” Miguel Ángel Nicolás has said, causing Marta López and Alba Carrillo to start screaming and ask that they put that video on the Secret Story contestant .

“I have never said anything about him in public or in private. If I have said something, it has been good,” he added. ” Things have nothing to do with what he has .”

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