Jaca Will Host The Conference On Organic Mountain Agriculture

Jaca Will Host The Conference On Organic Mountain Agriculture

The new cultivation models, and ecological livestock and beekeeping will also be addressed in this meeting in which experts, naturalists, researchers, producers and distributors will participate.

The conferences, which will be held on September 24 and 25 at the Congress Palace in the town of Jaca in Huesca, are promoted by the eco-social project Cielos de Ascara, the Special Employment Center of Gardeniers, of ATADES, in collaboration with the Jaca City Council and the sponsorship of the Caja Rural Foundation.

The conferences, which are informative, will allow to learn about experiences in innovation, R&D, agriculture, ecological livestock and beekeeping, distribution and sustainability in tourism and gastronomy, among other topics.

For example, it will be possible to know how organic meat farming already reaches a high level of quality and demand; Understanding the world of beekeeping and the enjoyment of its honeys, learning from experiences of great uniqueness such as Cielos de Ascara, Bolet Ben Fet or the Red de Hortelanos del Sobrarbe will be possible thanks to the panel of professionals committed to sustainability who will participate in the Conference of Mountain Agriculture. For all those interested in the Ecological Agriculture Conference who cannot travel or attend them in situ, at the Palacio de Congresos de Jaca, the broadcast will also be made in streaming.

Among the experiences dedicated to ecological mountain livestock are the Carníssima projects, or the ecological honeys of Sovoral, as well as those of Cielos de Ascara. The valuable contributions of the representatives of the Aragonese Committee for Ecological Agriculture and the European Federation of Animal Science can also be followed, with the CITA researcher Isabel Casasús.

The program will also pay attention to distribution, a key element for the responsible consumption chain; to sustainable gastronomy and, from there, to tourism that is more respectful of the Sustainable Development Goals.

For its part, to talk about large-scale distribution, there will be representatives of large chains such as Carrefour, Alcampo and Cabrero e Hijos, who have made the ecological purpose their own. Along with this distribution model, the panels of the Conference will move to alternative and proximity distribution, with experiences such as Luperra, Landare and A Vecinal. Sustainable gastronomy and tourism will be present thanks to Slow Food, the Cáceres Geopark, Ojinegra and the Cerrón Enoturismo Winery.

Among the events and thirty speakers, the participation of the naturalist Joaquín Araújo stands out, as a cultural day in the context of the Pyrenees Space of the Menéndez Peylayo International University. There will also be a slowcofree with organic pastry products from Eboca and Ecomonegros.

There will also be Federico Fillat, scientist from the Higher Council for Scientific Research-Pyrenean Institute of Ecology, along with representatives of the Spanish Society and the International Institute of Ecological Agriculture. Organic producers also take center stage among the presentations, as well as entities of recognized international prestige such as CITA or the Alícia Foundation.

That same weekend, Jaca will host the Fair of Ecological Agriculture and Livestock Producers in the Plaza de Biscós in which local producers will participate with their local products such as fresh red piparra, yellow boliches, Pyrenean rye, honey, canned vegetables, jams, tomato sauces, fresh vegetables, a variety of wines, cheeses and elaborated desserts, rice, chickpeas, lentils, flours, saffron, olive oils, nuts, chocolates, honeys, organic seeds or different types of beer, among others.

All scheduled events are aimed at professionals in all areas that concern the program, students, disseminators and the public interested in new ecological models of production, distribution and enjoyment of the fruits and resources of the natural environment. In addition, attendance at the conference may be recognized as credits (0.5 ECTS) at the University of Zaragoza, UNIZAR.

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