Nespresso Reaffirms Its Support For Cinema In VI Edition Of Nespresso Talents Short Film Contest

Nespresso Reaffirms Its Support For Cinema In VI Edition Of Nespresso Talents Short Film Contest

Nespresso continues to reinforce its support for the world of cinema once again as a sponsor of the San Sebastian Festival 2021, as well as organizer of its traditional Nespresso Talents contest, whose awards ceremony took place this morning, coinciding with this essential event for the seventh art .

The Nespresso Talents short film contest , which celebrates its VI edition this year, serves as a showcase for cinematographic talent and explores territories such as creativity and innovation, reaching out to a young audience that embraces a disruptive spirit.

In addition, on this occasion Nespresso has wanted to combine cinema with gastronomy, and has organized a lunch at the Ni Neu restaurant in San Sebastián for the winners, press and members of the jury. In it, the Michelin star chef Pepe Solla has created an exclusive “cinema menu”, based on the motto of this year’s contest, “Doing things well matters”, and demonstrating the integration of both arts, two disciplines that They seek to entertain, excite and delight the senses.

Winners Nespresso Talents 2021
“Simbiosis”, created by four directors of the El Último Films production company (Antonio Serrano, Sebastián Gutiérrez, Mirna Kuljis and Reyes Caballero) has won first place in the contest, so they have been able to enjoy the Film Festival first-hand from San Sebastián, in addition to receiving a financial award, like the rest of the finalists.

“The Clown”, finalist in the Nespresso Talents contest.
For its part, “The Clown”, created by David Castejón Navarro and Ianko Stefanov, has received the second prize, and “Now I can sea”, by Enri Gjini from Big Fella Studio, the third.

“Now, I can sea”, third in Nespresso Talents 2021.
The final selection of the winners has been carried out by an exceptional jury, related to different areas and sectors, such as cinema, sustainability, business and content creation. They are José Luis Rebordinos, director of the San Sebastián Film Festival; Myriam Sainz, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Technoserve, one of the partners of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program; Elena Sánchez, journalist and presenter of Spanish Television of the program “History of our cinema”; and Melissa Villarreal, businesswoman, fashion designer and influencer .

In this edition, the participants had two challenges ahead: on the one hand, exploring their talent and imagination by making their shorts in vertical format (9:16), the most popular on social networks; and, on the other, adapting its story to this year’s claim : “Doing things right matters.” An unprecedented declaration of intentions at the moment that we are living, and that shows how the importance of taking small positive actions can bring benefits at all levels. Thus, and under that premise, the contestants have shared their vision, showing how they want to inspire society to follow this movement and help commit to create a positive impact.

“Cinema menu” by the hand of Pepe Solla
In addition to the awards ceremony, Nespresso has delighted attendees with a complete experience that integrates cinema and gastronomy. To do this, he has designed a “cinema menu”, created exclusively for this event by Galician chef Pepe Solla, in charge of the Casa Solla restaurant, who has extensive experience and professionalism, and a Michelin star and three Repsol Suns. All this in an incomparable setting, the San Sebastian Festival, the most important annual film event in one of the Spanish gastronomic destinations par excellence.

The menu consists of four courses and a dessert, in which the chef has poured all his ingenuity, talent and creative freedom, incorporating different varieties of Nespresso coffee. Thus, it has incorporated the Nespresso Master Origin Ethiopia coffee variety with Cachena sirloin, fresh and halophilic leaf salad and roasted pine nut cream, and has chosen the Nespresso Reviving Origins Kahawa ya Congo coffee, for its fruity and malted aromatic notes, to Serve with the chocolate-caramel and black olive dessert “Perrito”.

In all the dishes on the menu, his commitment to the product and the commitment to local local products, hallmarks of his kitchen, is evidenced. For its preparation, Solla has been inspired by sustainability, a fundamental pillar of the brand, and by the motto “Doing things well matters”, something that has been reflected in the preparation of the dishes, in the origin and selection of raw materials, in addition to the professionalism, experience and trajectory of Casa Solla, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Firm commitment to sustainability
At Nespresso, sustainability is a fundamental pillar. Since its inception, the brand has worked for coffee to generate a positive impact on people’s lives and on nature, shaping communities and preserving landscapes.

Therefore, under this philosophy of the brand Nespresso will fully offset the carbon footprint of Nespresso Talents 2021. Thanks to the collaboration with PUR Projet, each filmmaker who participates in the contest will have the opportunity to support agroforestry projects by sponsoring the planting of five trees.

These trees will contribute to a large-scale initiative for the transition of small coffee owners to organic coffee production through agroforestry, giving life to the movement “Doing things right matters.” Thanks to this initiative, Nespresso has planted 4.5 million trees to strengthen coffee plantations and supply since 2014. The company’s goal is to plant 1.65 million trees per year starting in 2022.

In addition, Nespresso obtains more than 90% of its coffee through the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, and more than half also have the Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certification. Nespresso works with more than 110,000 farmers around the world, providing training and technical assistance to help them incorporate sustainable agricultural practices, improve coffee productivity and quality, and help improve their quality of life.

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