Lara Álvarez Sweeps Twitter With The Sexiest Dress Of Survivors

Lara Álvarez Sweeps Twitter With The Sexiest Dress Of Survivors

The presenter, already in Madrid after spending four months in Honduras presenting the latest edition of Survivors , has turned social networks upside down by appearing on the set this Friday with a spectacular dress with a side slit and leather straps that revealed the impressive physique of Lara Alvarez.

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The ex of Fernando Alonso and Andrés Velencoso, whose outfit did not allow her to wear underwear, has chosen a white look with which to highlight her tan. At 35 years old, Lara is one of the most beloved presenters inside and outside of Mediaset and this has been made clear by Twitter users.

I’m a dyke with Lara Álvarez

(@ElegidxDeDiosGH) July 23, 2021
my mother Lara Álvarez my jaw has fallen out

(@mriahache) July 23, 2021
Lara Álvarez could be one more Greek Goddess than Hercules. What a beauty, god. # SVFinal2 .

(@R_Myriam) July 23, 2021
Lara Álvarez hates GM, with that dress our kid is going to lose focus !!

(@ Marial45014265) July 23, 2021
What elegance that of Lara Álvarez, others would like #BulldogCompliceDeMaltrato # SVFinal2

Rafael García López (@RafaelGarciaLAF) July 23, 2021
Lara Álvarez spectacular !! Every time I see her: # SVFinal2

(@ SrtaGH_VIP2) July 23, 2021
Spain at extreme risk due to high temperatures and Lara Álvarez is presented in such a way that … ???????????????????

(@alvaroRoldan_) July 23, 2021
I think the only thing that all of Spain agrees on is that Lara Álvarez is a goddess # SVFinal2

(@sam_lozmart) July 23, 2021
How pretty is Lara Alvarez? Is that I adore her # SVFinal2

(@alvaroo_ss_) July 23, 2021
All Spain in love with Lara Álvarez and I the first woman

(@ beita1986) July 23, 2021
Lara Álvarez is spectacularly beautiful.

Hannah Farpon (@HannahFarpon) July 23, 2021
Lara Álvarez is that you are beautiful

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