Eduardo Arroyo Presents His Candidacy For ACOR With Attacks On Management Teams

Eduardo Arroyo Presents His Candidacy For ACOR With Attacks On Management Teams

The candidacy for the next ACOR elections led by the farmer Eduardo Arroyo incorporates in its government program the creation of the figure of the Member Ombudsman, a position independent of the entity’s structure that will respond to and respond to the requests of the associates to the cooperative.

“Uncertainty has taken hold of ACOR and in this delicate moment from responsibility we have set up a solvent and inclusive team to face an extraordinary and emergency situation,” explained the head of the list.

“Some of us who make up this candidacy today joined a project that we understood to be exciting and rigorous more than two and a half years ago. Unfortunately, months later we discovered that it was not the most successful path and that whoever was in charge of this initiative had deceived to those who had voted for him and to those of us who joined his list and believed in his idea “, has assured Eduardo Arroyo.

The farmer was one of the main collaborators of the acting president of Acor, Justino Medrano, and he was also part of the Governing Council with Carlos Rico.

Loss of financial muscle
Salvemos ACOR was born, according to its promoters, “to tell the truth”, said Eduardo Arroyo. “While we hear from other candidates that the economic results in ACOR are more than optimistic and hopeful, the reality is that our cooperative has lost its financial muscle and as of today the 119 million euros that we have in the Fund of Mandatory Reserve “.

“The mismanagement of Carlos Rico and his vice president Jesús Posadas, have led us to a moment in which we have lost the solvency and guarantee that this important amount of money contributed to the cooperative,” Arroyo continued. “In his stage Rico y Posadas decapitalized the cooperative, with projects that have now been shown to have not served to strengthen ACOR, “he recalled.

Little influence
The delicate moment that the cooperative is going through has been the one that has generated the name of Salvemos ACOR, a candidacy that highlights how there are currently credit policies that amount to more than 53 million euros that the cooperative entity owes to Bankia, Cajamar , Banco Santander and BBVA. “Loans that we have to pay,” affirm from Salvemos ACOR.

The representatives of the candidacy regret the loss of weight, influence, prestige and even credibility with society and institutions, “so that only through expertise and efficiency as managers will we be able to re-float ACOR. Our model and program The electoral process is a seat belt in the face of the impact and speed of the disaster to which Carlos Rico and Justino Medrano have led us “, assured Eduardo Arroyo.

Immediate actions
The head of the Salvemos ACOR list has highlighted some of the main actions in the case of winning the elections: He will occupy the position of representative president, without receiving salary and secondly, the figure of the Member’s Defender will be created. “A professional of recognized prestige, knowledgeable in the cooperative and legal field who will respond within a period of 10 days to all the questions that the partners may raise. This, yes, is a gesture of transparency” has asserted Arroyo.

“If Salvemos ACOR loses the elections, it will represent the collapse of the cooperative, a possible bankruptcy and ultimately a sudden stop to the project of thousands of beet growers,” said Mónica Martín García, another member of the candidacy. “We have been working in the shadows for months .

We have carried out constructive criticism in some moments and in others we have presented writings addressed to the ACOR presidency in which we demanded, as Justino Medrano promised when he took office, more transparency in the Governing Council, documentation on the management and the immediate convocation of the Ordinary General Assembly of delegates, among other issues, “has listed the member of the list.

The keys to Save ACOR
The candidate to occupy the position of vice president, Mónica Martín, highlighted that the keys to the Salvemos ACOR program include the feelings, opinions and needs of thousands of members of the cooperative and hundreds of workers. “In both cases they have asked us for rigor, efficiency, effort and transparency. No half-baked lies,” he said. “The members of ACOR are risking everything for nothing in these elections. The future of the cooperative is at stake. The cultivation of beets. The future of our children and grandchildren and of more than 500 jobs and their families, all of them are in danger if our candidacy does not win on September 10, “Eduardo Arroyo concluded.

The candidacy of Salvemos ACOR is completed with Mónica Martín as vice president, secretary Ramón Bañez and members Jerónimo Martín, Eusebio Peláez, Juan Jesús Valero, José Narciso Sánchez, Araceli Izquierdo, Juan José Recio, Eugenio Lezcano, Luis Alberto Fernández and José María de la Costs. The candidacy is completed with José Ignacio Sobrino, Víctor Manuel Delgado and Luis Miguel Terradillos, in the resources committee.

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