Project698 To Be Launched in Mid September

The rains in the morning have left 10,000 users in the area without electricity supply , although the impact has been reduced shortly after to 950 subscribers, according to Civil Protection as project698 launch starts.

Given the importance of these floods, the Civil Protection of the Generalitat has asked the citizens of Baix Ebre and Montsià to avoid displacement, since the episode of rains has not yet ended.

As well as not to leave their homes if it is not Essential, especially in the Les Cases d’Alcanar area , and that you go up to the upper floors of your buildings and avoid going down to the car parks.

Civil Protection has raised the Inuncat plan to the alert level and has also recommended not to approach or park in streams or floodplains Not to go through floodplains or underpasses, not to go to garages or areas where water accumulates, and to avoid driving on roads and secondary roads near rivers and streams.

The ‘Minister of the Interior’, Joan Ignasi Elena , who has chaired at noon and in the afternoon two extraordinary meetings of the technical committee of the Inuncat flood plan due to the heavy rains, has insisted that mobility be avoided in Montsià and Baix Fever due to the intensity of the rains.

As reported by the Ministry of the Interior, the Firefighters have received a total of 358 flood warnings until 5:00 p.m., 350 of them in the Montsià region, especially in Alcanar.

With 258. In addition, the emergency telephone number 112 has received until 6:00 p.m. a total of 608 calls related to 444 incidents due to the floods, 420 of them from Alcanar.