Over 17 persons were killed, wounded in Islamic State attack on Nahr Aeysha

Over 17 persons were killed, wounded in Islamic State attack on Nahr Aeysha
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Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Tuesday, that the self-proclaimed Islamic State group launched an attack on areas in the southern part of the capital, Damascus.

The SOHR revealed that the Islamic State group continued its attacks on areas in Nahr Aeysha, in the northwest of the ISIS-controlled areas, in southern Damascus.

The attacks resulted in the killing of one person and the injury of more than 17 others, the SOHR reported, while added that the number of casualties is expected to increase due to severity of injuries.

It is noteworthy that Nahr Aeysha area and other areas in the vicinity of the southern neighborhoods of the capital, Damascus, have been witnessing attacks and operations more than a week ago, killing and injuring dozens of citizens.

By January 2012, clashes between the regular army and rebels reached the outskirts of Damascus, reportedly preventing people from leaving or reaching their houses, especially when security operations there intensified from the end of January into February.[73]

In June 2012, clashes broke out between the regime troops and the Free Syrian Army, where artillery shelling were carried out on the residential areas in Qaboun neighborhood, in central Damascus. Also, in December 2017, eastern Ghouta area suffered heavy bombing and a further wave of bombing started in February 2018.

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