18 persons killed, including 7 regime members in several areas of Syria

18 persons killed, including 7 regime members in several areas of Syria
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(Syria News) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, yesterday, that 18 persons were killed, including 7 members of the regime forces and their allied militias, while pointed out that 5 civilians were killed in different areas in Syria.

In Homs Province, 2 citizens were killed in a shelling by the regime forces on al-Kann farms near the city of al-Rastan, and one other was killed by a sniper in the vicinity of the city.

Meanwhile in Hama Province, a man was killed by a landmine explosion in Afamia area, northwest of the province. While in Daraa, unidentified gunmen assassinated the commander of al-Omarayin Brigade, by detonating a booby trapped motorcycle near his vehicle, on the road to Ghadir al-Bustan Village, in the countryside of al-Quneitra.

Furthermore, the Islamic State group executed a youth, in front of dozens of people in Tasil Town in Yarmouk Basin, in the western countryside of Daraa, on charges of cooperating with the Syrian factions, while 7 members of the regime forces were killed in shelling and clashes against the Islamic State and the factions.

Also, at least 5 non-Syrian fighters of the Islamic State were killed in clashes and air strikes by regime forces on their held-areas.

The unrest in Syria grew out of discontent with the Assad regime and escalated to an armed conflict after protests calling for his removal. The war is being fought by several factions including, the Syrian regime and its allied Hezbollah, Iranian, Russian troops, Sunni rebel groups (including the Free Syrian Army), the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, Salafi jihadist groups (including al-Nusra Front) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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