2250 regime raids kill over 1000 Syrians in Eastern Ghouta in 7 weeks

missile attacks on Syria
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Rif Dimashq (Syria News) More than 1000 citizens were killed by nearly 2250 missile attacks on Syria, which were carried out by the regime forces and their allied militias on the Eastern Ghouta in the last seven weeks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Saturday.

The London-based observatory revealed that the Syrian regime forces are continuing their military operations in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, where the regime forces fired about 70 missiles on different areas in the Eastern Ghouta.

The regime forces fired 2 missiles on Kafr Batna Town, killing a man and injuring two others, while another missile was fired on Misraba Town, killing a man and injuring 5 others including a woman, the observatory added.

In addition, 14 missiles targeted areas in the city of Hamouriyah and the towns of Hazrma, al-Nashabiyah and Otaya, while 4 shells targeted areas in the cities of Saqba and Douma, causing only material damage.

Meanwhile, violent clashes broke out, yesterday, near Harasta City between Ahrar al-Sham Islamic militia and the Syrian regime forces, while the latter launched several attacks using 50 missiles. Also, regime warplanes carried out 2 air strikes, this morning, on different areas in the city of Harasta, wounding 8 citizens, including children, while conducted other air strikes on areas in the outskirts of Hosh al-Salihiyah Town.

Furthermore, regime forces fired 6 ground-to-ground missiles on areas in the outskirts of al-Nashabiyah Town, causing schools to suspend in the Eastern Ghouta, after the intensive shelling on the area.

And thus, the death toll has increased to 227 civilians who were killed in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, including 53 children under the age of eighteen, 27 women over the age of eighteen and 4 members of the Syrian Civil Defense, since mid-November 2017, the observatory explained.

The SOHR also documented that 134 citizens including 25 children and 16 women were killed by the regime air strikes, while 93 citizens including 28 children and 11 women were killed by artillery shelling.

More than 781 persons including dozens of children and women were injured due to the regime raids, where many of them are suffering serious wounds due to the lack of medical staff and shortage of medicine, due to the siege imposed on the eastern Ghouta.

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