Aerial and artillery shelling on eastern Ghouta, 20 civilian casualties

Aerial and artillery shelling on eastern Ghouta, 20 civilian casualties
A man carries an injured boy in the rebel-held besieged town of Hamoriyah.

Damascus (Syria News) More than 20 civilians were either killed or wounded in the aerial and artillery shelling that were conducted on the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, Ghouta Media Center reported on Sunday.

The media center also revealed that the air strikes and artillery shelling were concentrated on the areas of Doma, Hamouriya, Bayt Sawa and Saqba.

Furthermore, the center reported that five persons were killed, including a woman, in Housh al-Dawahera area, while two persons were killed in Otaya area due to the intensive air strikes.

Meanwhile, Syrian regime media outlets stated that missiles fell on the areas of Dahiya and Duwaila’a.

It is noteworthy that Assad forces launched a ground operation on Ghouta from four axes in Marj, Harasta, Jober and Doma, while the Syrian opposition announced that it managed to repel these attacks.

The air strikes and shelling started after the voting of the UN Security Council members in favor of a Kuwaiti-Swedish 30-day truce in Ghouta.

The eastern Ghouta witnessed an intensive aerial and artillery shelling carried out by Assad forces and Russian troops, killing more than 440 persons and injuring over 1000 persons, according to Ghouta Media Ceneter.

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