Airstrikes continue on Daraa for second day in row

Airstrikes continue on Daraa for second day in row
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Daraa (Syria News) Air strike continued for the second day in row on Daraa, after the de-escalation agreement made last year, Enab Baladi reported on Tuesday.

Eight air strikes targeted, today, the areas of Hamer and Masika in the area of Lajat, which is located between Daraa and As Suwayda, while three air strikes were conducted on the city of al-Harak and three others on the area of Basr al-Harir.

Furthermore, an air strike was carried out on the town of Alma, in the eastern countryside of the province.

The Syrian regime did not released any statement on its movements and operations in the area; however, the air strikes coincided with news about an expected battle in the province in the coming days.

The air strikes took place after several air strikes yesterday reached nearly 18 strikes, while Enab Baladi reported that the air strikes left injuries, including eight children yesterday, and three civilians today.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian south joined the de-escalation agreement in July 2017, and since then the army aviation did not conduct any air strikes.

Weeks ago, air strikes were conducted on the cities and towns of Daraa, while mutual shelling took place between the Syrian opposition and regime forces, using artillery and mortar shells.

The shelling coincided with the reinforcements by Assad forces in the city of Daraa, in preparation for an expected battle by the opposition on Damascus-Daraa road.

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