Airstrikes on Daraa countryside leave several casualties

Airstrikes on Daraa countryside leave several casualties
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Daraa (Syria News) Dozens were either killed or wounded in an air strike that was carried out, on Thursday, on several towns and cities located in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Enab Baladi News reported that the residential neighborhoods in the town is suffering heavy air strikes, which leave dozens of casualties, including women and children, as an initial toll.

Meanwhile, Assad forces intensified their shelling, today, on the opposition-held areas, to force civilians to exit through the passages the regime dedicated for them.

The Syrian Civil Defense Center in Daraa also revealed that the army aviation has carried out more than 150 air strikes on the towns and cities, since the early morning.

It also added that the air strikes were concentrated in the cities of Basra al-Sham, al-Herak, al-Ghaziyah al-Gharbeya, Maaraba, al-Karak, al-Musayfera, Jassim, Nemr, al-Hara, Nawa, Abtl and Dael.

The shelling killed 3 civilians and wounded more than 15 others, including six women and three children in Dael, in the western countryside of Daraa, in addition to causing a large displacement movement from the eastern cities of Daraa.

It is noteworthy that the Martyrs Documentation Office in Daraa has documented, yesterday, that eight fighters of the Free Syrian Army were killed in clashes with Assad forces, in eastern Daraa.

It also documented the killing of 11 men, five women, nine children and three fighters in an air strike carried out by the army aviation, in the eastern countryside of the province.

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