Anonymous gunmen execute 5 persons in Idlib

Anonymous gunmen execute 5 persons in Idlib
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Idlib (Syria News) Anonymous gunmen have executed five persons, on Sunday, in the province of Idlib, by simulating the method followed by the Islamic State in the execution of its detainees, Enab Baladi reported.

Yesterday, Social media platforms posted photos showing the execution of three persons, who believed to be followers of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, by slaughtering. The Islamic State was accused of carrying out the executions due to the presence of captions on the photos mentioning “Wilayat Idlib”.

The photos captions also stated that the executions were carried out in response to the attacks which were conducted on the Islamic State’s headquarters in Kafr Hend Village, in the countryside of Idlib.

Furthermore, two persons were found dead and wearing orange jumpsuits infamously worn by prisoners of ISIS. The first was found hanged on al-Hadid Bridge, near the city of Ariha, while the other was found lying on the ground with a paper including the name of the “Islamic State group” written on it.

The current incidents are part of the state of security chaos witnessed in the majority of areas in Idlib Province, where dozens of civilians and military personnel were killed.

It is noteworthy that the population of Idlib exceeds 2.65 million persons, including 1.16 million IDPs, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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