Assad forces advance against ISIS in As-Suwayda desert

Assad forces advance against ISIS in As-Suwayda desert
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As-Suwayda (Syria News) Assad regime forces and their allied militias managed to advance against the Islamic State group in As-Suwayda desert, Enab Baladi News reported on Sunday.

The Central War Media Cell revealed that Assad forces continued their operations in the northern and eastern countryside of As-Suwayda, and the southern and eastern countryside of Damascus, while managed to capture Wadi Arar and rasm al-Hatita area.

The military confrontations are ongoing till today, and the regime troops are managing to recapture the whole area controlled by the Islamic State in the desert, the cell added.

Meanwhile, the ISIS-owned Amaq News agency reported that the Islamic State has destroyed a vehicle belonging to Assad forces using a rocket near Tel Asfar.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic State group is controlling nearly 50% of As-Suwayda desert, while the military offensives are launched from three axes, including: Tel Asfar, where Assad forces reached the area o Sawh al-Mohamadi after recapturing the schools of Ashrafiyah and al-Rahba.

The second axis started from Kasr-Saqiyah towards Kherbet al-Ombashy, where the security forces managed to advance seven kilometers to the east, while in the third axis, from al-Zalf to Tlul al-Safa, Assad forces advanced ten kilometers to the north.

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