Assad forces advance into Hawsh Dawahra east of Damascus

Assad forces advance into Hawsh Dawahra east of Damascus
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Damascus (Syria News) Assad regime forces and allied militias are advancing against Jaysh al-Islam militia into eastern Ghouta.

Spokesman for Jaysh al-Islam Hamza Berakdar said, today, that violent battles are taking place in Hawsh Dawahra front, in eastern Ghouta, in an attempt from Assad forces to take over the town, using heavy artillery and internationally-forbidden rockets (Napalm and Phosphorus) and toxic gases.

“The intensive shelling completely destroyed a medical laboratory, forcing the fighters of Jaysh al-Islam to retreat toward the back lines,” he explained.

Syrian regime did not release any statement on that advance; however, other sources mentioned that the Syrian army captured Hawsh Dawahra area and is now killing dozens of terrorists.

It is noteworthy that Assad forces and their allied militias suffered significant losses in eastern Ghouta in the last two days, after a ground attack against the opposition factions in the area.

The losses concentrated in the eastern side of Ghouta, where more than 100 members were killed, last Sunday, while they were trying to advance into Nashabeya Town. Also, 36 members were killed, on Tuesday, on the outskirts of Hawsh Dawahra.

It is also worth to mention that cities and towns of eastern Ghouta are suffering heavy air raids carried out by both Russian and Syrian warplanes, resulting in the killing of more than 500 civilians.

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