Assad forces advance into large areas in Homs countryside

Assad forces advance into large areas in Homs countryside
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Homs (Syria News) Assad security forces and its allied militias have advanced into large areas in the eastern countryside of Homs Province, within the offensive launched against the Islamic State.

The Central War Media Cell reported, today, that the Assad Forces managed to secure the area between the second and third stations, towards Sadd al-Waer and the Syrian-Iraqi border.

It also added that the security forces advanced into 45 kilometers of the eastern countryside of Homs.

Meanwhile, informed sources pointed out that the regime security forces advanced into the Syrian Desert; however, they considered their advance as unstable.

The security forces managed to advance into the area after capturing four strategic areas, including: Be’r Atshan, Abar al-Wark, Wadi al-Louisa and Tel Shadid, and also after several attacks by the Islamic State on the vicinity of Albukamal.

It is noteworthy that the Assad forces, and their allied militias, launched an offensive in early May, to drive the Islamic State militants out of Deir Ezzor.

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