Assad forces announce capturing Saqba east of Damascus

Assad forces announce capturing Saqba east of Damascus
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Damascus (Syria News) Assad regime forces announced, on Sunday, recapturing the city of Saqba, in central Ghouta, east of Damascus, after several confrontations.

The Central War Media Cell reported that the security forces managed to recapture the whole city of Saqba in central Ghouta. The security forces advanced toward the axes of Hamoreyah and Saqba-Jasreen, according to the field map of the area.

Yesterday, military sources in the eastern Ghouta revealed that the regime forces started to advance toward the city in coincidence with the departure of civilians from eastern Ghouta, toward the safe passage opened by Assad forces, and the retreat of Rahman Legion’s fighters from the area.

According to pro-regime media outlets, army troops entered the city of Saqba, after forcing the opposition factions to leave the city without harming its residents. In the meantime, it also reported that the security forces are waiting for the surrender of opposition faction in the city of Kafr Batna.

The eastern Ghouta is witnessing a relative calm for the first time since the start of the offensive in 19 February, amid negotiations between Rahman Legion and a delegation from the United Nations.

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