Assad forces Colonel in central Damascus

Assad forces Colonel in central Damascus
Assad Forces Colonel Riyad Mohamed Ahmed.

Damascus (Syria News) A Colonel in Assad regime forces was killed, on Saturday, in the capital, Damascus, local newspapers reported.

Colonel in Assad forces, Riyad Mohamed Ahmed, was killed, today, after a mortar shell fell on the area of al-Duwail’a, in Shaghour neighborhood, in central Damascus, Facebook pages stated.

However, other pages revealed that the colonel was shot in his office in Damascus by a sniper.

Regime media outlets reported, today, that mortar shells fell on different areas of the capital, including: Saba’ Bahrat, Assad District, Jirmana, Pakistan Street, Sheikh Raslan, Qaiymariya, Homsy neighborhood and Jisr al-Raees.

Meanwhile, it also accused rebel factions in eastern Ghouta of carrying out the shelling on the capital.

Since 2011, civilian casualties in Damascus reached 35 thousand persons, according to the statics of the Syrian Ministry of Interior.

Yesterday, two persons were killed in a shelling on Rokn el-Din neighborhood, in central Damascus, while eyewitnesses said that the shelling took place using a rocket.

The shelling is coinciding with the intensive aerial strikes on eastern Ghouta by the Russian and Syrian warplanes.

The death toll in eastern Ghouta reached 438 persons in the last few days, according to local and international human rights organizations.

It is noteworthy there were frequent incidents against Assad forces during the last year, where Major General Yasser Shahin was injured, after a mortar shell fell on Fayha’ area in Damascus, in April 2017.

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