Assad forces join YPG battles in Jandairis

Assad forces join YPG battles in Jandairis
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Aleppo (Syria News) The Syrian regime-backed popular forces joined the battles of the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) in Jandairis, west of Afrin, Enab Baladi News reported on Wednesday.

The state television broadcasted a report showing members of Assad forces who said that they are participating in the battles taking place in Jandairis area, to hinder the advance of the Free Syrian Army and Turkish army.

Yesterday, Syrian regime announced that dozens of its members have advanced into the city of Afrin, as a first step to repel the Turkish attack on the area.

In a statement published by the YPG spokesman, Nour Mahmoud, he said, “After a month of continuous resistance, we called the Syrian regime and its army to join us, in order to defend Afrin and protect the Syrian borders against this invasion.”

“The Syrian regime has responded to the call of duty and sent military troops,” he added. “The regime troops will be deployed on the borders to defend the unity of the Syrian territory and its borders,” he further explained.

Meanwhile, sources from the Free Syrian Army informed that the battles are ongoing in the area, where its militants managed to capture new villages, including: Firkan, Qareh Baba and Kharbet Salouki.

It is noteworthy that Turkey launched an operation, codenamed “Olive Branch”, in January, while the factions of the Free Syrian Army managed to capture dozens of villages and towns, in the vicinity of Afrin.

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