Assad forces prevent goods entry to Eastern Ghouta

Assad forces prevent goods entry to Eastern Ghouta
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Damascus (Syria News) Syrian regime forces (Assad forces) have prevented the entry of goods to the eastern Ghouta, after allowing its entry last November, Enab Baladi news reported on Saturday.

The Head of the Consumers Market in Hamuriyah, Ismail al-Munjid, said in a statement that Assad security forces have prevent the Merchant Muhhieldin al-Manfoush from bringing goods to the area through the camp’s road.

He also pointed out that the security forces sent a threat to the residents of the eastern Ghouta. “The crossing to the area was closed completely,” he added.

The markets in the area are suffering ongoing curfew due to the continuous attacks by Assad Forces on popular and local markets. Residents of the eastern Ghouta are relying on the materials they farm in the area, in addition to the aid entering through the camp’s crossing.

The arrival crossing is considered the only commercial passage in the regime-held areas, and it is dedicated to goods trade.

It is noteworthy that the Eastern Ghouta is witnessing a military escalation, and according to Ghouta Media Center, 237 persons were killed, while 1250 others were wounded, mostly women and children, in the last four days.

The center also reported that the regime aviation conducted 168 air strikes on the residential neighborhoods and popular markets in Ghouta.

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