Assad troops announce capturing Ghouta except Duma

Assad troops announce capturing Ghouta except Duma
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Damascus (Syria News) Assad troops announced, on Saturday, capturing the eastern Ghouta, except the city of Duma, after the exit of the last batch of Rahman Legion, Enab Baladi News reported.

Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that its forces captured the entire cities and towns of Ghouta, including Hazza, Ayn Tarma and Jober neighborhood, which is considered the prominent military front, due to its location near the capital, Damascus.

Assad forces could not capture Jaysh al-Islam held city of Duma; however, the Ministry of Defense statement mentioned that the military operations are still ongoing in its vicinity. Moreover, the statement added that the capture of Duma will restore safety and security in the city of Damascus.

The security forces also secured the main roads between Damascus and the central, northern and coastal areas, as well as the eastern area through Syrian Badeyah till the Iraqi borders.

It is noteworthy that the eastern Ghouta is considered the last areas held by the opposition in the vicinity of Damascus and its prominent stronghold.

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