Bodies of 115 civilians and soldiers exhumed from mass grave in Raqqa

Bodies of 115 civilians and soldiers exhumed from mass grave in Raqqa
Members of the Syrian Civil Defense while exhuming bodies from a mass grave in Raqqa.

(Raqqa) The Syrian security forces have finished the exhumation of 115 bodies, belonging to civilians and military members who were executed by the Islamic State group during its control on the area, from a mass grave in the countryside of Raqqa, east of Syria, Russia Today News reported on Sunday.

A military commander informed that the bodies were exhumed from the mass grave, which is located near al-Wawi Town in Dibsi Afnan area, in Raqqa Province. The bodies were transferred to the Military Hospital in Aleppo, where legal procedures can be completed.

He also pointed out that some bodies were identified, while they currently working to identify the remaining bodies.

Meanwhile, Dibsi Afnan Official mentioned that the people who returned to their villages pointed out to the presence of a second mass grave near the Silos, southeast of the area, while indicated that the Civil Defense members started digging to exhume the bodies.

An eyewitness revealed that the Islamic State group has executed large numbers of civilians and military members in mid-2014 and left the bodies behind, while the residents later buried the bodies.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic State took full control of Raqqa in January 2014, and started to execute Alawites and supporters of Bashar al-Assad in the city. They also destroyed the city’s Shia mosques and Christian churches, and converted them into the so-called Islamic police headquarters and centers to recruit new fighters.

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