Bomb blast kills 7 persons in Idlib, north of Syria

Bomb blast kills 7 persons in Idlib, north of Syria
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Idlib (Syria News) Seven persons were killed, while others were wounded in a bomb blast in the city of Idlib, north of Syria, Enab Baladi news reported on Saturday.

The news outlet revealed that an explosion took place, near Dawar al-Sa’a area, in the city of Idlib, killing seven persons and wounding an identified number of citizens.

Meanwhile, Idlib Media Center reported that seven persons were killed and more than 20 others were wounded, in an improvised explosive device blast near Dawar al-Sa’a area.

It is noteworthy that many areas of Idlib is frequently witnessing several anonymous blasts using IEDs and booby-trapped motorcycles, which escalated during the last few weeks, leading to the killing of a large number of people.

The blasts are coinciding with the air strikes carried out by the Russian warplanes on the towns and villages of the countryside of Idlib.

Yesterday, Russian air strike targeted the town of Has, south of Idlib, killing ten civilians and wounding several others, while dozens of civilians were killed during the intensive bombardment in the last few days.

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