Booby-trapped vehicle blast hit Jarabulus, north of Aleppo

Booby-trapped vehicle blast hit Jarabulus, north of Aleppo
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Aleppo (Syria News) A booby-trapped vehicle exploded, on Tuesday, in the countryside of the city of Jarabulus, north of Aleppo, killing a civilian and wounded others.

Enab Baladi news agency reported that, today, a booby-trapped vehicle exploded bear a checkpoint belonging to the Free Syrian Army in Kholeet al-Oun Village, near the city of Jarabulus.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack; however, the news agency’s correspondent pointed out that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units militia is accused of launching the attack.

Meanwhile, official sources informed that the vehicle passed through the Syrian Democratic Forces-held areas towards Manbej, before entering Jarabulus.

It is noteworthy that the blast took place ten days after a similar attack near a checkpoint belonging to the National Police in the entrance of the city of Jarabulus.

The FSA-held areas, in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo, are witnessing frequent blasts using booby-trapped vehicles or IEDs. SDF was the main suspect in the majority of the attacks, while the FSA was accused of facilitating the entry of the booby-trapped vehicles to its-held areas.

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