Coalition warplanes kill 12 persons in ISIS-held Susah east of Deir Ezzor

Coalition warplanes kill 12 persons in ISIS-held Susah east of Deir Ezzor
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Deir Ezzor (Syria News) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Monday, that warplanes belong to the international coalition have carried out air strikes on areas in the Islamic State—held town of al-Susah, west of the Euphrates River, in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, while pointed out that the air strikes killed a whole family of 12 persons, including 5 children and women.

The observatory explained that the death toll is expected to rise sue to the severe injures of the wounded persons. In the meantime, clashes continue in the eastern banks of the river between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Islamic State group, where the latter fights desperately to defense its presence in the area.

The Islamic State is still controlling 5 villages and towns in Deir Ezzor, and they are: Abu al-Hassan, Sha’afah, Susah, al-Baghuz, and al-Bobadran, in addition to some parts of al-Bahra, Hajin and Gharanij villages. The clashes were accompanied by mutual shelling, where the SDF militia are trying to eliminate the presence of the Islamic State in the area.

It is noteworthy that the clashes and shelling, which started in early December 2017, due to a new offensive by security forces, entitled “al-Jazeera Storm”. The offensive has resulted in a displacement movement towards the SDF-held areas and other areas far from the violent shelling and clashes.


The London-based observatory monitored that camps were established for people who left their areas until the end of the fighting.

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