Conflict in Syria: Two fighters of Hezbollah militia killed

Conflict in Syria: Two fighters of Hezbollah militia killed
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Damascus (Syria News) Two fighters of Hezbollah militia were killed in the ongoing conflict in Syria, on Saturday, pro-Hezbollah media outlet reported on Sunday.

The media outlet revealed that two fighters belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, called Mohammed Ahmed al-Shamq, a.k.a. Abu Jawad Haider and Hussam Nagib Hassan were killed in Syria.

Meanwhile, Syrian activists informed that the two fighters were killed during the battles that took place between the Syrian army forces and the Islamic State militants in the city of Qaryateen, in the eastern countryside of Homs.

It is worth noteworthy that Hezbollah militia has lost many of its leaders and fighters during the ongoing conflict in Syria between the Syrian army and allied militias, rebels and the Islamic State militants.

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