Eight civilians killed by airstrike on countryside of Idlib

Eight civilians killed by airstrike on countryside of Idlib
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Idlib (Syria News) Eight civilians were killed while others were injured, on Thursday, by air strikes on the town of Maarzita in the countryside of Idlib, Enab Baladi news reported.

Russian warplanes carried out air strike on the town of Maarzita, at mid night yesterday, killing and wounding a number of civilians, as well as inflicting huge material damage.

The local council of the town explained that the ongoing air strikes on the town since early May, led to the displacement of more than half of its citizens.

Furthermore, the local council announced the town as a “disaster area” due to the ongoing air strikes on the town and the displacement of its citizens.

Last Saturday, air strikes struck the town’s mosque, killing at least one person and injured others.

Also, regime forces carried out several air strikes on the city of Maarzita, last Friday, inflicting huge material damage to the town.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported, last Tuesday, that the number of civilians who were killed due to air strike in Syria in April reached 59, including 16 children and 22 women.

Moreover, Syrian army aviation struck two vital facilities in Idlib Province, north of Syria.

The network also reported the fell of more than 2388 barrel bombs on the opposition areas, since January and till May 2018.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations called the parties fighting in Syria to exclude the province of Idlib from the conflict in the country.

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