Free Syrian Army executes 4 ISIS leaders north of Aleppo Syria

Free Syrian Army executes 4 ISIS leaders north of Aleppo Syria
Members of the Free Syrian Army.

Aleppo (Syrian News) The Free Syrian Army militia has executed four leaders of the Islamic State group, north of Aleppo Syria, after detaining them for entering the area, coming from Raqqa, Enab Baladi Reported on Tuesday.

Military sources told Enab Baladi that the executed ISIS leaders are the Artillery Emir Bassel El Haririy from Daraa, Security Emir of the city of al-Bab Abu Ali al-Ghazawi (Palastinian), Assistant Judge of Jarabulus Mohamed al-Kusa and Housing Official Abdu al-Kassem.

The execution was carried out yesterday at midnight by Ahrar al-Sham militia in Jarabulus Tahtani Road, the sources added.

Furthermore, dozens of the Islamic State fighters fled during the latest battles, allowing the Syrian Democratic Forces to recapture Raqqa.

In April 2017, security forces in the city of Jarabulus, north of Aleppo, closed all roads to the SDF-held areas, while several members of the Islamic State attempted to sneak into the northern countryside of Aleppo in the past days.

It is noteworthy that Turkey has backed the Free Syrian Army militia in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo to recapture wide areas from the Islamic State grip, including the city of al-Bab and its surrounding towns and villages.

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